Professional Planning Fees & Booking Process

How Does a Travel Agent/Advisor Get Paid?

Ah....The good 'ole days...once upon a time, everyone (airlines, hotels, cruise lines, tour companies) paid travel agents at 5-10% to sell their products and we could provide our time and expertise to the traveling public for "free".   Those days are long gone. Domestic airlines no longer pay commission to travel agents and many hotels/tours no longer pay a competitive commission.  Researching and pricing an itinerary for a potential client can take several hours of time.  So charging a professional/planning fee just as an accountant, lawyer or doctor would allows me to focus on creating an incredible trip for my clients while receiving some compensation for my time.  As with the other professions, I seek to be paid for the work that I do and the value & expertise that I provide.

As your travel agent/advisor I will provide you or your group with the following:

You might not fully understand what a travel consultant does.  Here's why my clients like working with me and come back again.

  • A personal relationship with you the client(s) to determine your exact wants, needs, hopes, and dreams.  Knowing that I will have your back during the entire process, even while you are traveling.
  • I bring comprehensive knowledge & supplier training and personal experience to every travel experience.
  • My professional affiliation with my host agency, suppliers, and Travel Leaders Network consortium allows me to offer my clients additional amenities/upgrades above and beyond what you would receive by booking reservations on your own online.  Often for the same price or less than what you would pay.
  • For any group travel - I will negotiate with suppliers the best rate possible for your group with any additional amenities, perks or bonus rooms as possible.
  • While my goal is to always offer my clients the best travel plans for their budget, I am not a low-cost or budget agency.  Rest assured, I will not book you at some place I would not stay.
  • Our quote might not always beat or match an online competitor, but I can guarantee you that any slight difference will be made up with unbeatable service from Faucey Fam Travel. A service that you won’t receive from those online competitors.

Planning Professional Fees (Non-refundable and paid prior to any itinerary work) & Booking Process:

After an initial consultation call, if you should decide to hire me we will start the booking process.  To begin work, a non-refundable Professional/Planning Fee of $50-$150 is required (see details below) and you will need to  sign our Terms & Conditions online.. Once fee is paid in full, I will so my research and provide you with 2-3 itineraries & quotes.  Once you have decided on the best itinerary for your trip Faucey Fam Travel will secure and confirm travel arrangements as agreed upon.  The Professional Planning Fee is separate from the cost of your trip.

Airline Tickets

$20.00per person – Domestic flights
$50-75 per person – International flights
International air tickets, includes passport/visa & travel safety recommendations. Price varies based on complexity of itinerary.

Basic Hotel/Car Rental/Tours/Excursions - $20 per booking

Hotel Bookings:
We have access to some of the world’s most distinguished premium properties. Our added amenity program offers you VIP-worthy privileges that enable us to craft memorable and authentic experiences for you. When you book with us, we make sure you feel like a VIP by upgrading your booking when possible so you get perks and benefits that you cannot get when you book directly or through an online booking engine.
These valuable benefits often include:
• Complimentary Breakfast for two
• Upgrade (on arrival, subject to availability)
• Resort, Food & Beverage or Spa credit (usually valued at $100 per stay)
• Early check-in/check-out (subject to availability)
*Please note that if the hotel is not a member of or a preferred partner, we may not be able to get you additional benefits.

Basic Cruise Reservation - $50 (up to four travelers) Booking cruise $10 per person for each additional traveler

Enhanced Cruise Reservation - $100 per itinerary (up to four travelers)
Booking cruise, air, all shore excursions, onboard amenities & pre/post hotel arrangements. $20 per person for each additional traveler

Basic Resort Package - $100 (up to four travelers)
Pre-planned air/land tour package including air, lodging, ground transportation & tours.

Customized Travel Package - starting at $150 (up to four travelers)
Customized air/land tour package including air, lodging, ground transportation & tours. Trip planning fees for customized travel covers the initial consultation, research, development of the proposal, revisions to perfect the customized itinerary, booking, managing all components and support while traveling. Fees are based on the complexity of the trip. Additional proposals for different destinations will be charged an additional planning fee of $150 per destination. $20 per person for each additional traveler

Theme Park Package -$150 (up to four travelers)
Air, lodging, ground transportation, theme park tickets, dining reservations, fast pass. $20 per person for each additional traveler

Group Travel (Rates Vary)

Group travel is ten or more travelers traveling together. Rates per person will vary depending on the customization of itinerary and the number of cities travelers are traveling from.

Vacation Rentals - $100 per stay + 10% of rental costs
We work with a group of luxury vacation rentals and villas companies. We are unable to book Airbnb or VRBO rentals, but if you find a rental you like, please let us know and we may still be able to book it in one of our systems (sometimes at a reduced rate). Rental cleaning fees, deposits, and other rental fees still apply.

Cancellation/Change Fees

$25 per itinerary (Airline/Supplier cancellation fees may apply)

Group Travel – Per person rate will vary depending on the customization of deposited itinerary. (Airline/Supplier cancellation fees may apply)


By paying our planning fee, you understand and accept for yourself and the travelers included in your party the planning fees outlined herein. You acknowledge and accept that all fees are non-refundable, whether you decide to book the travel presented or not. You agree to all fees such as cancellation policies, change fees, and penalties, and understand that unused portions of travel vouchers are non-refundable. You also understand these fees are separate from the cost of your trip and the tour operator/cruise line policies. By paying our planning fee, you also acknowledge receiving a copy of our Terms and Conditions and a copy of this Planning Fee Agreement.

So as you can see, I am really committed to making this the best experience possible.  I may not get you the cheapest deal - that's what the online booking engines are for.  If that's what you are looking for, then we are not a great fit.  But if you are looking for a true partner with the expertise to do this job right and get you the best value, then I can't wait to get started working with you.  If that's the path you want to take, then the next step is to collect a non-refundable professional/planning deposit and then I will begin preparing a couple of quotes for you.  Shall we get started?