Sportzentrum Klosters


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Sportzentrum Klosters

If you happen to get a bit tired of all the skiing, then you should visit Klosters sports centre and show off your ice skating skills instead. Free entry for ice skating with a valid guest card.

Do & See

The easily accessible ski slopes accommodate skiers of all levels, yet there are plenty more activities, such as tobogganing, skating, tennis and snowboarding to keep you busy. Klosters consists of seven districts which are Klosters Platz, Klosters Dorf, Selfranga, Aeuja, Monbiel, Serneus and Mezzaselva. Klosters Platz is the most popular of them all, being where most of the events and activities take place and where the tourist office is located. Klosters Dorf is situated 2km to the north and is smaller and quieter than its neighbouring district. Both districts are conveniently on the Landquart–Davos train line, and are also linked by town buses, which are free with the resort’s Guest Card.