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At the corner of the Witte de Withstraat you can now find bar and restaurant Supermercado. This cosy place reminds of a bubbling South-American cantina. Young family, business men and groups of friends --- everyone is welcome at Supermercado, for a good coffee, late lunch or early dinner. You can eat your heart out with one of the many meat, fish or vegetarian dishes that are prepared in a truly Latin American way at the charcoal grill. Also, you will of course find Mexican tacos and tortilla chips on the menu. Order a cerveza or tequila as a side and your evening is complete!

Bars & Nightlife

Like so much else in Rotterdam — the architecture, the people, their cultures and customs — the city's nightlife is filled with contrasts. Glamorous cocktail bars and classic pubs, hip and happening dance clubs and intimate concert venues. Depending on what you like to do when you hit the town and what mood you're in, Rotterdam can offer you wildly different nights out. It's all up to you!