Berber Pharmacies


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Berber Pharmacies

Whether you believe in the cleansing power of spices and herbs or not, the Berber Pharmacies are an impressive sight, and also quite typical in Morocco: the big jars on sale hold obscure powders and peculiar dried plants, and many of them are believed to cure aches and pains. Get yourself a special blend or just take a picture of the mystical markets, as it is always worth a visit, and a try.

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As the third largest city in Morocco, Fès has a vast cultural heritage and a historic value for the region, and in the three districts Medina, Fès el Jedid and Ville Nouvelle, an ancient past meets the modern world: the decades of French rule in Morocco have left a unique influence that is visible in the infrastructure and cuisine. Be prepared that you can easily lose yourself in the many sights of the maze-like and car-free Old Town that, on the other hand, is absolutely worth the adventure. As the Medina is not for tourists only, due to its integral part in daily life, and in conducting business, you can here experience the traditional life.