The Pelican Grill


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The Pelican Grill

Located on the Hip Strip is The Pelican Grill - a family-owned dining establishment beloved by the locals and known for offering only the freshest, truly Jamaican home-style dishes. Try their steamed red snapper with okras and bammy, ackee and salted codfish with boiled green bananas, as well as yam and fried johnny cakes. Desserts include sweet potato and bread pudding.


Savor the island’s rich cultural history through its food. Lucea itself is scarce for dining venues, but venturing to nearby Negril and Montego Bay will provide a wealth of dining options, with the traditional Jamaican "jerk chicken" (as well as other meats and seafood prepared on grill) available at every corner at street food vendors' stalls and finer, sit-in establishments. Do not skip on the Jamaican patties - a variety of local fast food (coco bread stuffed with various fillings) and make sure to sample the local ackee fruit and saltfish.