Why River Cruising??

Once viewed as only for the affluent and Baby Boomers, river cruising has broken through those stereotypes in the past several years and has become a luxury travel option of choice for a much broader and younger segment of travelers. Post-COVID, the appeal is even greater because of the intimate size of river cruise ships, the opportunity to tick off wish-list destinations, and the well-deserved indulgent luxury type experience.

Nine Reasons To River Cruise

Are you tired of the typical hustle and bustle of large cruise ships? Do you want a more personalized and intimate travel experience? Look no further than river cruising! Here are nine reasons why river cruising is the perfect option for your next vacation:

1. Ships pull right up to the heart of the destinations

River cruisers get to experience the heart of the destinations they visit, with the ship docking right downtown. This is a stark contrast to ocean cruises, where ships dock at coastline ports. River cruising also attracts experienced and educated travelers who enjoy cultural interaction with the locals.

2. Unpack only once while seeing multiple destinations

One of the biggest benefits of river cruising is that you only have to unpack once, unlike with tours where you constantly have to check in and out of hotels. This allows you to spend more time exploring the destinations without the hassle of packing and unpacking.

3. Gourmet locally sourced food and wine

River cruising is known for its gourmet, locally sourced food and wine offerings. For foodies and wine connoisseurs, this is a major selling point. River cruise brands consistently meet high culinary standards and offer elevated dining experiences.

4. Intimate ship size and atmosphere

River cruises offer a congenial and friendly atmosphere onboard, with passengers getting to know each other and forming bonds and friendships that can last beyond the trip. Look for ships with fewer cabins and lower passenger counts for larger staterooms and more spacious common areas.

5. Top-notch personalized service

Service level is a crucial factor for travelers’ satisfaction on a river cruise. Expect high-quality service that is part and parcel with a luxury travel experience.

6. Excursions for everyone and every level

River cruising offers a variety of small group, in-depth tours to venues often unavailable to ocean cruising guests. There are also excursions for all levels of activity, from gentle walkers to avid bicyclers.

7. Easy pre- and post-land options for extended stays

Combining land vacations pre- or post-river cruise is a top influencing factor for travelers to choose river cruising. Travel advisors can help clients find the right options and handle all the details on their behalf.

8. Fast and easy embarkation and debarkation

Embarkation and debarkation on a river cruise is typically quick and easy, taking only about 15 minutes. This is a major contrast to ocean cruises, where travelers can be stuck in a holding area for hours waiting for their number to be called.

9. An ambiance of relaxed elegance

River cruising offers an ambiance of relaxed luxury, sophistication, and refinement without being stuffy. It may be a higher priced travel option, but the experience and value are well worth the price tag. Sipping wine on a luxury long boat as you glide down one of the many beautiful rivers of the world is an experience you won’t soon forget.



So, what are you waiting for? River cruising offers a unique, personalized, and intimate travel experience that can’t be matched by other cruise options. Contact us to book your next vacation and get ready for the trip of a lifetime!