5 Great Reasons to Book Europe for 2023

1. Euro and dollar are on par.
After several years of watching the waning value of the U.S. dollar in international markets, the dollar has stabilized back on par with the euro. Therefore clients can make the most of their vacation funds taking trips to Europe. There is a wide range of types of travel in the region, suitable for families, couples, and solo travelers.

2. Mexico, the Caribbean, and Florida have become overpriced.For the past two years, the main regions that were open were Mexico and the Caribbean.  Travellers are really looking for newer experiences for either a special trip (honeymoons, milestone birthdays, etc.) or family vacations. Also, the airfare to Mexico and the Caribbean has been sky-high. In some markets, for not much more, you can fly to Europe for the same price as flying to the Caribbean!

As for Florida, the state took advantage of the demand the last two years and became very overpriced.  It was a safe place to travel to.  Now that Covid restrictions are pretty nonexistent and prices in Florida are still high, Europe is a great alternative.

Western Europe is a great starting point for the family that hasn't traveled overseas before. Obviously, the UK and Ireland are great for those worried about language barriers. Italy is always a great destination for families - the food is amazing and affordable, and the history is entertaining for young children. And you have nice beaches where you can take a break for a couple days from the touring and crowds of Florence and Rome. 

3. Europe stands the test of time.Always admired and sought after, Europe is like the blushing bride that never loses her appeal. With gorgeous landscapes, paused-in-time villages, cosmopolitan cities, ancient roots, rich history, mouth-watering cuisine, and so much more, the region continues to be a traveler’s dream.

Europe seems to stands the test of time. Travelers can visit multiple times and never see the same site twice. Whether you are traveling for adventure, culture, beach, culinary, relaxation, shopping, history, and maybe a little of everything, Europe has it all!

4. It’s easy to visit two or more countries in one trip.
Europe is a particularly appealing region in that so many countries are nestled close together, but each has its own distinctive cultures, cuisine, and history. Furthermore, the transit system between countries is relatively easy to navigate and inexpensive. As a whole, Europe is an expansive, eye-opening experience for many travelers, especially those venturing from America.

Every country provides a completely different experience. So, sometimes combining two or more countries on one trip will yield a wide range of cultural and unique experiences that the families will never forget.

5. Pent-up demand for Europe has been unleashed.Studies and surveys are interesting to note (and recent industry studies have shown a jump in European bookings), but the best measure of the marketplace is to hear about the everyday experiences of travel advisors and their clients.  With that said, we are seeing some challenges with availability and the price point is going to start going much higher.  It's always best to plan your travels will in advance.

What’s trendingThe hottest European destinations - according to the surveys - will be no surprise: Italy, Greece, France, Spain, Croatia, the UK, Ireland, and Germany.  Portugal is quickly gaining momentum because of easy flights, affordability, unique attractions (wineries, history, beaches), and great culinary experiences.

If you are interested in discussing a trip to Europe, please feel free to reach out!