Why Make Your Next Vacation a Cruise

There are lots of misconceptions about cruising, most of which are repeated by those who have never tried it. Wary travelers are now realizing the many positive aspects of an all-inclusive journey on a ship. Here are ten reasons to put those old-fashioned beliefs to bed and try a vacation at sea.

1.  Unpack Once - How else can you visit multiple ports, cities and countries in one vacation without moving from hotel to hotel, packing and unpacking?
2.  No Jet Lag - Imagine traveling across the Atlantic to England or the Pacific to Japan, without losing a day to jet lag.  During a transoceanic cruise, the time changes are gradual, without going through the exhaustion of a seven to twelve-hour flight.  Time spent on board can be as restful or full of entertainment as you choose, with plenty of energy left for once you reach your destination.
3.  Cost Savings - Today there are so many options currently available in terms of cruise cost.  You can appreciate the savings when you break it down to an approximate cost per day.  And you have to remember each of those days is all-inclusive with meals and entertainment, as well as ports to explore.
4.  Preview Destination - Choosing a cruise takes away the stress and gives you a taste of the culture and vibe of the city or country.  When offered several ports, you can experience and figure out which places you'd like to revisit.  That way you can feel more confident about where you want to invest your future vacation time and money.
 5.  Entertainment - Each cruise line has its own entertainment offerings.  Some put on full-scale Broadway-style shows, while other might present music relative to the culture of a port stop.  There is usually a variety of options, including live music venues, game shows, comedy shows, deck parties and night time movies under the stars on the sun deck.
6.  Dining Options - Cruise ships have been known for their amazing food.  One thing for sure, you won't go hungry.  On most ships, there is a buffet option, the main dining room where you are treated to a sit-down meal, and an option with more causal food like pizza, burgers & tacos, usually poolside.  At an additional cost, there are usually a variety of specialty dining restaurants such as a steakhouse, sushi bar, Italian restaurant or Japanese Teppanyaki to name a few.
7.  Port Excursions - Many ports all you to walk into town and explore on your own.  I you choose a ship-sponsored excursion, take note of the time involved and the cost.  And if you do your homework ahead of time, you can get some of the same cruise sponsored excursions through an excursion supplier for a fraction of the cost you would pay on the ship.  At most ports you will find many options in terms of physical ability such hiking, zip lining, or snorkeling.  Or if you prefer something a little less physical, a bus tour will be a more restful experience taking you to the most well known landmarks and you will get a taste of the culture.
8.  Get Schooled - The opportunities for education are vast on most cruise ships.  Most lines offer informative seminars about scheduled ports of call and regions.
9.  Multi-Generational Options - Most cruise lines welcome children and provide programs dedicated to keeping them engaged and active.  Parents can open their child's eyes to different countries and cultures while still managing to find some time to themselves.  Grandparents might enjoy the comfort and privacy of their own cabin while still being able to spend time with the family and enjoying some quality time with the grandkids.
10.  Stress-Free Fun - Let's face it, vacations should be fun and stress-free.  Some like to push themselves while on vacation, others just want to kick back and relax gazing at the sea.  A cruise can be as adventurous or as laid back as you make it.  The chance to socialize and meet new friends is always an option, or not.  Solo travelers can have an excellent time on a cruise, with many options to meet other singles if that is their desire.​
These are a few of the many reasons to choose a cruise for your next vacation.  With so many options available, hopefully you will find your own reason to set sail.  If finding that perfect cruise for you is stressing you out, contact a travel advisor.  They should know the right questions to ask to pair you with the right cruise lines for your budget and the type of vacation you are looking for!
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