How Not to Overpack for Your Next Cruise

If you are like me I always overpack when I go on a vacation.  Many of these packing tips will not only work for cruises, but work for any vacation or trip that you are taking.


1.    Pick a color palette - stretch your outfit choices by mixing and matching clothes that coordinate together.

2.    Go Two if by Sea - Pick two outfits - one for day and one for night for each day you travel, as well as workout clothes, bathing suits, under clothes and PJs. Also restrict shoes to two pairs.

3.   Layer Up - if you are heading to a chilly climate, you can wear the same outer layer repeatedly, while changing the lighter layer closer to the skin. Bring more lighter layers or do laundry onboard. Wear the heaviest outer layer on the plane to save packing space.

4.   Get a Shoe Clue - shoes take up the most space in your suitcase, so be smart with how many pairs you bring. Limit yourself to two, in neutral colors and choose ones that can double duty if possible.

5.   Stay Fresh - bring a travel-sized Febreze spray to freshen up items to re-wear. A small sachet or a dryer sheet can make your clothes smell better too.

6.   Accessorize - the same nice dress can look different with a scarf or eye-catching jewelry.

7.   Be Clever with Carry-Ons - Rather than pack a separate beach bag, look for a waterproof tote that’s big enough to act as your airplane carry-on.

8.   Roll Up - pool clothes when packing them. You can fit more in your luggage that way, and it also helps to minimize wrinkles. Stuffing small items into shoes is also another space saver.

9.   Divide and Conquer - If you and your companion have both vowed to stick to carry-ons, don’t be afraid to co-mingle items in your bags. The taller person might have larger things, so splitting the stuff might be more efficient.

10. Tame Toiletries - if you can live without your brands, go with the toiletries provided onboard.  If you need a larger size, stop at a drugstore near the port, and buy it there. If you don’t need the full 3 ounces, rebottle potions & lotions in a contact lens case. If you travel frequently, save time by keeping a bag of already measured liquids ready to go.

11.  Single Out - it’s not cheap, but buying single use products can save space. Many products such as antibacterial lotion, nail polish remover, insect repellant, sunscreen, come as wipes and cloths. Simply toss them when you are done with them.

12. Take Inventory - when you get home, look hard at your suitcase and take note of what you did and did not use. There can provide clues for packing for you next adventure. Write yourself a reminder not to overpack next time!

I hope these travel packing tips help you out next time you are packing for a vacation.  I think I will try them out next month when I'm packing for our Norwegian Prima Inaugural Cruise!