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There's no one-stop-shop for all your souvenir shopping needs, but the Tourist Information Office in the Central Station can provide you with the basics like postcards, fridge magnets and cow figurines. Other typical gifts from Switzerland include cuckoo clocks, cheese fondue sets and Swiss made watches. Need we mention the Swiss Army knife? If you are a fan of edible gifts, go for Gruyère cheese, Swiss chocolate or the famed "Luxemburgerli" macaroons from Sprüngli. Kids will appreciate a book or anything related to fictional alpine adventures of Heidi — little girl in a milkmaid dress, with braids and a kind heart. She is a classic Swiss character known and loved worldwide.


The main shopping area in Zürich is concentrated around the city centre, which makes it ideal for pedestrians and tourists. The most famous and one of the prettiest of the shopping areas is the Bahnhoffstrasse where you will find big department stores, fashion shops, accessories, Swiss watches and everything else your heart desires. The Bahnhoffstrasse area is part of Zürich’s banking district, and that is clearly visible in the number of exclusive and upmarket shops available. The area around Langstrasse contains a very cosmopolitan selection of shops and people which makes it a special experience every time you shop or just go there. The pedestrian alleyways around Niederdorf are a shopper’s paradise as there are several boutiques hidden away in a patchwork of alleys. Alongside the River Lammat is the Old Town, which is also a very attractive shopping area. It has fashion shops, jewellery and plenty of other things to offer. It is also in that area of Old town that you will find the smaller and more untraditional shops. It is, for instance, a very good place to find anything antique. Schipfe is the place to find the craftspeople who sell their handmade products along the river.