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Between 1575 and 1825, a network of underground passageways or mine galleries was created on the western side of Maastricht. In times of siege, these tunnels were used to surprise the enemy from underground. During the Second World War, the people of Maastricht spent many anxious hours here sheltering from the bombardments. Visit the vaulted chambers, powder rooms, and imposing bombproof shelters, and learn more about this unique monument of military engineering. You can also see the above-ground and underground fortifications in a single tour. The Fortifications Maastricht Foundation has developed two different tours to show you them: the Du Moulin Line tour and the Long Kazematten Walk.

Useful Information

  • Address: Waldeckbastion - Waldeckpark, Maastricht
  • Phone: +31 43 325 21 21
  • More Info: www.maastrichtunderground.nl/locaties_en_rondleidingen/rondleidingen_kazematten_
  • More Info: Bus or taxi via Tongerseweg N278
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