Margaritaville Montego Bay

Montego Bay

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Margaritaville Montego Bay

The world's best-known lyrical escapist runs three locations of his worldwide chain in Jamaica, this particular one being the one known for its after-hour entertainment. There is an actual tube water slide leading out from the restaurant onto the ocean water, which revellers often take advantage of. At night, it's a popular dancing venue.

Bars & Nightlife

Montego Bay's best-known nightlife destination is the Margaritaville complex (complete with a water slide leading out onto the sea and a catamaran seen as a floating extension of the bar), beloved especially by international revellers. There are a few other spots worth checking out, such as the attractive Pier One, as well as multiple waterfront restaurants that double as bars come sundown. Look out for special event announcements around town.