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What's included in your vacation package price:  Round-trip airfare from your airport of choice, hotel stay for the nights you choose, All meals and snacks-including specialty restaurants, ALL beverages -- including soda, juice, alcoholic beverages, some wines are not complimentary as well as some top-shelf alcohol, shared round trip ground transfers, taxes & fees.

What's NOT included:  Travel protection, assigned seats on the airplane, luggage cost, excursions and anything that has not been included in this vacation package.

Recommended Optional Add-On:  Travel Protection  (I can get a plan for you.)


For international travel, U.S. CITIZENS MUST HAVE A VALID PASSPORT.  NON-U.S. CITIZENS and RESIDENT ALIENS should contact their embassies and U.S. Immigration for applicable regulations.

You can book your vacation without having a passport at the moment, but you MUST have a valid passport in your possession in order to travel.


Travelers MUST use their legal names as they appear on their proof of citizenship to register.  In other words, the way your name is on your passport is how you MUST submit your information.  Enter the names, gender and DOB of EVERYONE that will be sharing YOUR room.

Cancellation Penalties & Travel Insurance

It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to refer to the Tour Operator's Terms & Conditions and insurance options so you are informed of what the penalties are IF you choose to cancel your reservation.  If you are declining travel protection, please make sure you indicate below.

Travel Cancellation Insurance

We strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance due to the vendor's very strict cancellation policies.  This is to confirm that you are aware of the cancellation penalties as mentioned above on this page and that travel insurance is available for purchase to protect against cancellation penalties due to unforeseen MEDICAL reasons.  Please contact Faucey Fam Travel for travel insurance options.

Travel insurance is optional but HIGHLY recommended.

I ACCEPT the option of purchasing travel insurance and understand I can claim the savings, make changes, cancel for any reason to include medical reasons see terms and conditions.  In addition I also understand that I will be covered for any events that may take place during my trip or while in the resort.  Please refer to your plan for full details.

I DECLINE the option of purchasing travel insurance and understand that if I cancel for any reason, including medical, I will be subject to all penalties and fees that may occur.  In addition I also understand that I will not be covered for any events that may take place during my trip or while in the resort.

If you are using a debit card with a daily spending limit, it is your responsibility to contact your bank to give them permission to authorize the transaction.

If you are unsure as to how much the deposit is, need to add insurance to your trip or have any type of question - Do NOT submit information yet.  Please contact Faucey Fam Travel at or 919-360-7836 to request an updated quote.

By clicking submit you are saying, "I give Shelley Faucette and Faucey Fam Travel to charge my credit card referenced above for the amount indicated above.  I have read and understand all of the terms and conditions regarding this booking including cancellation policies, applicable penalties, and aware of the availability of travel insurance."

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