Booking Process

)   Get Really Excited & start dreaming about  your trip!  Let’s make it ALL ABOUT YOU!!!

2)   Contact Us  Completely fill out and submit our Travel Request Inquiry to let us know the basics about your trip.  I’ll be in touch within 24 hours so we can have a conversation so we can decided if we’re a good fit together.  If so, move on to step 3!

3)   Professional/Planning Fee Authorization &  Client Agreement Form.   Submit your Non-refundable Planning/Professional Fee Authorization & Client Agreement Form via the provided link.

4)   The Details.   I will review your travel request inquiry information in more detail and see if I have any further questions before I get down to the nitty gritty.  I want to make sure I know all about your likes, dislikes, wants, needs and dreams so we can create your dream vacation.

5)   Research.   Faucey Fam Travel will begin to research your cruise/destination(s), activities, transportation and more based on your information.  I will present you with 2-3 itinerary options to pick from and then refine until we have the perfect fit!

6)   Booking.   We will book everything for you after you have given the final approval and authorize the appropriate deposit amount.

7)   Travel Prep.   Faucey Fam Travel will present you with travel tips, final instructions, custom itinerary & travel documents.  But it doesn't stop there!  We will also provide you with some useful information about your destination.  For instance, we may include packing lists, weather forecast, local hot-spots, activities and more!

8)   Enjoy Your Vacation!!!    Live your best life while enjoying your vacation and make sure to tag us (#fauceyfamtravel)  in your posted picts.  We will also provide you with all the suppliers contact information so any situation can be handled as quickly as possible!  We'll also be "on call" in case you need emergency assistance during your travels.

9)   Follow Up.   Faucey Fam Travel will follow up with you post travel to hear all about your vacation and to get your feedback to see what we did well and what we could improve.

Ready for your next adventure????

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